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100 million viewers watched "The Bible Mini-Series", and now you can experience the passion, the power and the music inspired by the epic mini-series "The Bible" and the movie "Son of God".  

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In the mobile phone price, 16GB capacity version of the price of 1999.99 yuan, 64GB capacity version of the price of 2299.99 yuan. Here we offer a set of photoes for everyone to see.

Comfortable is one of the selling point, although the oneplus did not do too much explanation about internal hardware configuration , but we don't need to worry about, oneplus phone configuration has reached the Android flagship configuration.

In the front of the device is a crystal clear 5.5 inch 1080p high-definition display screen, in the visual perception of the will is clear and detailed. Meanwhile, the mobile phone screen with the Corelle third generation gorilla glass, the mobile protection is also greatly enhanced.

At the press conference, one of the founder Liu Zuohu put this display screen called suspended screen ". From the actual perception point of view, is not so. But fortunately, the design of the engineers, but also to add a mobile phone in addition to winning praise from the project design, but also to get a better visual beauty.

A back cover, bamboo, wood and other materials to create the back of the telephone, I believe that we feel a very creative. Some people will say that the rear cover is like X MOTO, but from the scene experience, these wooden back cover is vary with X MOTO .

In the main lens configuration, oneplus phone can reach up to 13000000 effective pixel, at the same time, there are two auxiliary lights. In the conference, Liu zuohu did not tell the "hard knowledge" to everyone, but to show you some real photos. With the facts, I guess it's better to go.

The wood back cover with the right corner, while the curvature of the palm of the palm design, very fit palm. In my opinion, with one hand holding the basic mobile phone will not feel difficult

A top equipped with oneplus phone equipped with a common 3.5mm headphone jack as well as a noise reduction microphone, but also common in some of the other smart phones, there is no new place.

The design of the bottom of the content is abundant, not only a common data connection mouth but also noise microphone, there are a superior sound quality dual speaker. Speaker part, using the enhanced three magnetic circuit design, sound clear and bright, distinct levels. In order to make them embedded, the symmetric punch is used in the bottom of the shell.. And this is only a purpose, not only to meet the ears, but also to pleasure and body.

Then take a look at its actual thickness bar. Because the back of the phone is an arc design, so it is difficult to make a numerical unified mobile phone thickness. The mobile phone most thick parts of the phone's most center position is up to 8.9mm, while the most thin phone edge is only 4.6mm. To be honest, this new machine, I think it can be made so very good.

Broadside is the conventional SIM card slot, the volume buttons and the power button of their respective distribution.

The two key entities of the mobile phone are moderate and the key is reasonable, and have good feedback.

In addition to listed the phone of black and white but later it will join custom cover wood, bamboo, such as Kevlar material. We Believe that the personality of the custom back cover, will let you feel full of personality., Smart watches</a> or fitness wristbands such as wearable devices basically is to provide two services for you: mobile phone message notification and movement monitoring, but few manufacturers have two kinds of function implemented in a hardware. So,Samsung,which has always been good at exploring, detailed market,launched Galaxy Gear Fit.

What Galaxy Gear Fit usage scenarios should be like? You can receive notifications feature on the wrist even read social information, you can also press the button heart rate monitor, check your heart rate and other motion information. So, does this mean that Galaxy Gear Fit has the perfect blend of smart watches and fitness wristband features? It can be said, it is very close, although not suitable for everyone. Here, have a look at it in detail experience.

A flexible screen is bright

Hybrid positioning Gear Fit, sounds like a perfect solution: the use of curved flexible screen, which achieved a comfortable wearing experience can display more content, so that consumers also have two smart watches wristbands and fitness experience.

Gear Fit actually uses a split design, flexible screen body and detachable wrist strap, the future may be more diverse forms by wearing accessories.

A flexible screen is made of OLED, contrast vivid bright colors. It is worn on the wrist, heart rate sensor will be posted to the skin on the back of the fuselage, to achieve a heart rate monitor; rubber plastic wristbands feel slightly cheaper, but still comfortable. The wristband portion has a
black, orange, grey, you can buy a variety of other, although the Gear Fit itself while supporting dust proof and waterproof, but can not be worn in the swimming and take a shower.

As a fitness wristband: heart rate monitoring function need to be promote.

Actually, all fitness wristband has a pedometer function, but they lack an incentive mechanism, tell you what to do next or what is got, Gear Fit through the built-in heart rate sensors to achieve "target figurative applications", such as your regular exercise, heart rate must be stable,
otherwise not balanced. Just press the button on the side of the fuselage, a heart rate monitor can be completed in a few seconds. LED scanning light green in the back of the fuselage, you need to stay still during the scan, it can read the data, sometimes because of strap slippage caused by not properly read.

The heart rate monitor can work in sport mode, there are four different modes: walking, jogging, biking and hiking. Almost all models will allow you to set the time, distance or calorie burning, heart rate monitoring data will be displayed on the left side of the screen. In addition, the running
mode also features a built coach, according to your heart rate data, tell you to slow down or speed increases.

However, Something need to pay attention to is the heart rate monitor device worn on the experience has not yet reached the standard of care, so just as a reference, and sometimes they are not accurate in Gear Fit. For example, when I'm at the gym cycling, Gear Fit actually do not care my really speed, but according to the so-called "heart rate data" for guidance to me, sometimes with fitness equipment data do not agree. In addition, in order to save power, Gear Fit screen will automatically turn off, so you need to repeat the operation by pressing the side button to view the heart rate, some tedious. At the same time, because it is a smart watch, so all kinds of information of the mobile phone will be pushed over, you have to endure all kinds of tones in the exercise. A "anti disturb" training mode is not set, It is an oversight.

As a smart Watch: rectangular screen affect user experience

Then, as a smart watch what is Gear Fit's experience? First of all, it cannot be separated from his mobile phone to run any application, secondly, the strip-shaped screen sometimes can not provide a good reading experience. In addition, due to the screen color OLED, when the backlight dimmed, it can not be like Pebble e-ink screen that will steadily display the time, you need to press the Gear Fit button to view the content side. Although Samsung is equipped with the "lift the wrist view" function, but the sensor is not so sensitive, sometimes impossible to operate.

Like other smart watches, Gear Fit mobile phone can receive any notification information, such as phone calls, SMS, email, social networking, weather information, but the experience is not perfect. Because the Pebble watch this square on the screen using, information display is very intuitive; but Gear Fit screen is obviously not a display all of the information needs of users, the sliding switch, let the reading experience becomes a bit confusing, there is no direct pick up the mobile phone to check the convenience.

Restriction Gear Fit: Fit models and software

Gear Fit Samsung and other wearable devices, smart products can only support Samsung's own, such as S5/S4/S3, Note, Mega, 6.3/5.8, 3/Note 2 Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) and Note Pro and Tab Pro. In addition to hardware limitations, because Gear Fit itself does not have to run the application, so it needs to Samsung's "S" with the use of the application, compared to the application of professional health wristbands, S health obviously there are many places need to be improved.

Battery life: still shorter

Gear Fit endurance basically in a few days, compared to Fuelband, Jawbone Up fitness wristband these are usually weekly endurance is still not ideal.

In addition, the device can not directly through the micro USB data line charging, you need to connect a device, similar to last year's Galaxy Gear.

Can Smart wear equipment help you to lose weight ?

According to agence France presse (New York), the latest reports show that more than 2.1 billion people worldwide are overweight or obese, this number is close to 30% of the total population, and predicts to 2030, almost half of the world's adult population is overweight.

Taccording to the McKinsey global institute,Obesity caused 5% of total global people deaths, which has the
same infulence as the negative impact of smoking and armed conflict to world economy.

The medical costs and lost productivity created by Obesity, which cause global economic losses of $2 trillion, equivalent to 2.8% of global GDP, less than smoking and armed conflict.

However, There have no country on this issue could really have a good strategy to reduce its rate of obesity, obesity has become a worldwide one of the most important public health challenge.

So, How to make this group want to reduces their weight by nature, also can help them establish good living habits, improve the body health index, It is the whole sports market really "pain points".

In recent years the wearable devices began to hot up and have become a stepping-stone to success in this market, Because of its obvious advantages, in my opinion, mainly from the following four aspects:

1.Wearable devices can be 24 hours of personal wear. There is no a smart device can do this, even if is the mobile phone, users will need to reduce radiation by rest or sleep at night, the shutdown placed relatively far away from their own place.

2.Wearable equipment 24 hours continuous real-time monitoring of health data users. This is the currently largest value of a wearable device.

3.Wearable devices socializing and cooperation with Health Insurance Company will encourage users to continue to participate in sports in order to develop good living habits.

4.Currently on the market for sports health class device or mobile phone application is in a high growth activity. With wearable devices an advantage in this regard is present, the weight loss market outbreak will come in the gym.

<p><a href=""><img src="" alt="casque audio" width="450" height="600" /></a></p>
<p>Klipsch reference dans l'oreille l'empreinte son nom et ses produits pour la maison théâtre et conception d'inspiration dans mon oreille. Il est conçu pour être discret, élégant, robuste et axé sur la qualité de reproduction sonore.</p>
<p>Le Reference On-Ear arbore un look minimaliste et compact avec d'épais coussinets et un arceau en cuir. Ce dernier repose sur une base métallique recouverte d'une finition brossée et totalise un poids léger de 200 grammes. Pour faciliter son transport, ses oreillettes peuvent se replier sur l'arceau pour ainsi le ranger aisément dans son étui (fourni). Enfin, il est accompagné d'un câble plat anti-enchevêtrement équipé d'un micro et d'une commande à trois boutons compatible iOS — la compatibilité avec les autres plates-formes n'a pas été annoncée.</p>
<p>Les performances de reproduction promettent un son avec des voix claires, des aigus cristallins et des basses précises et réelles grâce à ses transducteurs de 40 mm. Les informations techniques pures, quant à elles, annoncent une réponse en fréquence pleine bande de 20 Hz à 20 kHz, une sensibilité (1 mW) de 110 dB, pour une impédance de 32 ohms.</p>
<p>Le Klipsch Reference On-Ear sera commercialisé au mois de mars au tarif de 199 € et sera disponible en deux coloris, blanc et noir. <br />

Can't you see us in heaven singing this to Jesus (with Dave leading of course)!

It's hard for a teenager in America to live with passion. I work with a small youth organization, and our biggest battle is complacency.

"Live Like That" challenges us to be more. We were so inspired by the song, we chose to make a music video out of it; we hope you like it.

Awesome concert last night. My favorite is "You Love Me Anyway." The first time I heard the line "I am Judas's kiss" it knocked me over. I am just as bad as that, but He loves us and once we're His that will never change. Thanks for the message you give with each show, it touches many.
Oh, and I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed being able to cook for you yesterday. If you're ever in this area again and need a meal......

I heard the chorus of the song "These are the Words I Would Say" by the Sidewalk Prophets ringing through my mind as I pushed away the tears on my face and the ache in my heart. I couldn't believe that the doctor had just told me that my 36 year old husband had Stage 4 Stomach Cancer. I didn't know what to do because I was nine months pregnant and all of my family lived in another part of the country. At my darkest time, I heard these words, repeating in my mind, and I was comforted:

Be strong in the Lord and,
Never give up hope,
You're going to do great things,
I already know,
God's got His hand on you so,
Don't live life in fear,
Forgive and forget,
But don't forget why you're here,
Take your time and pray,
Thank God for each day,
His love will find a way,
These are the words I would say

I know that my husband may not live through the end of this year. I am facing the very real possibility of a lifetime of raising our daughter alone. But I know that God is good and He has His hand on me, as the song says. He demonstrates this even now, when He gives me lyrics like these to run through my mind when I am the most sad and am gripped by fear of an uncertain future. He reminds me that I was not made to fear, I was made to glorify God in every circumstance in my life regardless of the outcome. This trial is teaching me just how much I need to depend on Him for everything.

I am very grateful for these lyrics because they have truly changed the way I think during the worst trial in life.

If you're interested in praying for my husband's healing: or on Facebook:

your second cd is very good. I like love,love,love it is the best song the cd, but the whole cd is good

Had an awesome time today in Mahomet and the music is just what my soul needed! Thank you guys for spreading the word of God and giving thanks!