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100 million viewers watched "The Bible Mini-Series", and now you can experience the passion, the power and the music inspired by the epic mini-series "The Bible" and the movie "Son of God".  

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<p><a href=""><img src="" alt="casque audio" width="450" height="600" /></a></p>
<p>Klipsch reference dans l'oreille l'empreinte son nom et ses produits pour la maison théâtre et conception d'inspiration dans mon oreille. Il est conçu pour être discret, élégant, robuste et axé sur la qualité de reproduction sonore.</p>
<p>Le Reference On-Ear arbore un look minimaliste et compact avec d'épais coussinets et un arceau en cuir. Ce dernier repose sur une base métallique recouverte d'une finition brossée et totalise un poids léger de 200 grammes. Pour faciliter son transport, ses oreillettes peuvent se replier sur l'arceau pour ainsi le ranger aisément dans son étui (fourni). Enfin, il est accompagné d'un câble plat anti-enchevêtrement équipé d'un micro et d'une commande à trois boutons compatible iOS — la compatibilité avec les autres plates-formes n'a pas été annoncée.</p>
<p>Les performances de reproduction promettent un son avec des voix claires, des aigus cristallins et des basses précises et réelles grâce à ses transducteurs de 40 mm. Les informations techniques pures, quant à elles, annoncent une réponse en fréquence pleine bande de 20 Hz à 20 kHz, une sensibilité (1 mW) de 110 dB, pour une impédance de 32 ohms.</p>
<p>Le Klipsch Reference On-Ear sera commercialisé au mois de mars au tarif de 199 € et sera disponible en deux coloris, blanc et noir. <br />

Can't you see us in heaven singing this to Jesus (with Dave leading of course)!

It's hard for a teenager in America to live with passion. I work with a small youth organization, and our biggest battle is complacency.

"Live Like That" challenges us to be more. We were so inspired by the song, we chose to make a music video out of it; we hope you like it.

Awesome concert last night. My favorite is "You Love Me Anyway." The first time I heard the line "I am Judas's kiss" it knocked me over. I am just as bad as that, but He loves us and once we're His that will never change. Thanks for the message you give with each show, it touches many.
Oh, and I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed being able to cook for you yesterday. If you're ever in this area again and need a meal......

I heard the chorus of the song "These are the Words I Would Say" by the Sidewalk Prophets ringing through my mind as I pushed away the tears on my face and the ache in my heart. I couldn't believe that the doctor had just told me that my 36 year old husband had Stage 4 Stomach Cancer. I didn't know what to do because I was nine months pregnant and all of my family lived in another part of the country. At my darkest time, I heard these words, repeating in my mind, and I was comforted:

Be strong in the Lord and,
Never give up hope,
You're going to do great things,
I already know,
God's got His hand on you so,
Don't live life in fear,
Forgive and forget,
But don't forget why you're here,
Take your time and pray,
Thank God for each day,
His love will find a way,
These are the words I would say

I know that my husband may not live through the end of this year. I am facing the very real possibility of a lifetime of raising our daughter alone. But I know that God is good and He has His hand on me, as the song says. He demonstrates this even now, when He gives me lyrics like these to run through my mind when I am the most sad and am gripped by fear of an uncertain future. He reminds me that I was not made to fear, I was made to glorify God in every circumstance in my life regardless of the outcome. This trial is teaching me just how much I need to depend on Him for everything.

I am very grateful for these lyrics because they have truly changed the way I think during the worst trial in life.

If you're interested in praying for my husband's healing: or on Facebook:

your second cd is very good. I like love,love,love it is the best song the cd, but the whole cd is good

Had an awesome time today in Mahomet and the music is just what my soul needed! Thank you guys for spreading the word of God and giving thanks!

I have a huge thanks to you.

I'm in my high schools dance program, and my teacher is a strong Christian. Every year we hold a charity event that raises at least $2,000 a year. Because of being in a public school, we couldn't really use Christian song. Well this year my teacher challenged that, and we danced to your song "You Loved Me Anyways". Our goal was to have people realize how they are living their lives and know they have a merciful God who loves them through anything.

But this was not an easy thing to do. All year my group had an ongoing battle with the devil. We had many injuries, some veered away from Christ, and many other struggles. But in the end we performed a dance that was incredible. We had many of the audiences in tears by the end of. And I believe that people got touched by the light of Christ.

With that said, thank you so much for producing a wonderful song that we could use to bring glory to Gods kingdom.

Attached is just a picture from the performance.This is most moving part of the dance, where we gave up all our pride and realized there is a loving God to forgive.

Hi Guys,
I wanted to say a big thank you for making the music you do, I have been singing along in my car for the past month on my 45min drives to school, and it really helps me to refocus my life on God each day and it remind's me that this life is not my own and is God's to use.

Thank you for your honesty that comes through in your music and lyrics, it really really helps me remember that everyone screws up but to continue pursing God.

Recently God has challenged me to really think about what I'm singing and to go deeper and mature in my relationship with him and mean what I say when I sing:

Father of love, You can have me
You can have me
I want to be where You are
I’m running into Your arms
And I will never look back
So Jesus, here is my heart

God is really changing me and working in me and I love it! Thank you for your ministry and I pray you guys stay strong and touch even more lives.

Much love all the way from New Zealand,

I was really moved when I read the July 14 blog concerning the apology. It is not often that one gets a chance to look back on their life, regret the pain caused to another and have the opportunity to apologize. It is something to thank the Lord for the opportunity to do. I have had the privilege of doing the same and it is burden lifting. Thank you for being honest and transparent (you didn't have to reveal this). I am certain that it honored the Lord, comforted the one injured and calls many to do the same.