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Bubba the Bus broke down. UPDATE

Bus Update: Bubba the bus shut down at 4am about 90 miles away from Mobile, AL on I65 on our way back to Nashville last night. Winter Jam Tour Spectacular sends our busses in a pack so the guys from Royal Tailor and Sidewalk Prophets split up and rode home with the other two busses.

A wrecker came at 6am and got the bus running long

enough for it to make it to a local truck stop. Currently a diesel mechanic is driving to Montgomery to get the parts needed to fix the engine. This will take 5-6 hours. During this time Mike B our driver will be at a hotel resting.

All the members of Sidewalk Prophets and Royal Tailor made it home safe Monday morning. Pray for Mike B as he waits for the bus to get fixed. Also, pray for some quality workmanship from the mechanic. We have a great bus- this is our first time breaking down. We appreciate and love you all- see you back on the road soon. Reading, PA- you're next!