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Dave Shares His Favorite Olympics Memories

Dave recently shared some of his favorite Olympic memories and games. Take a look!

If I Could Compete In The Olympics: If I could compete and win the gold in an Olympic sport it would easily be table tennis. It really is unreal to watch those guys play! I used to believe that I was a ping pong master in college until the first moment I witnessed Olympic table tennis. If I could somehow have the chops to compete against those guys, all my college friends would finally have to admit that I am the king of ping pong. Favorite Olympics Games:The Atlanta Olympics in 1996 were so much fun to watch. I'll never forget my entire family gathered around the TV the night the women's gymnastics team won gold. My mom literally screamed. The USA basketball team that year was amazing. I also fondly remember watching the swimming events and then my buddy and me trying to race each other in the local pool. The best part is that the worst I could do was silver. It was an awesome summer, and the patriotism and moving stories of the Olympics made it even more memorable. Favorite Olympians: My favorite Olympians were the entire 1996 women's gymnastics team, and even though he never competed, Bella Karolyi. Bella's passionate encouragement brought home gold and was parodied on Conan O' Brien for years.