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Summertime News - an update from Ben

Time just keeps on moving by and we are continually honored to travel the country and see how God is moving. This summer has been one of the busiest on record for us. In the month of July alone we were gone 23 days. Yeah, that is a pretty rough schedule but the stories we hear and the memories we make help to comfort the sacrifices we are making back home in Nashville.

Actually, with the addition of "Bubba" the bus we have been able to bring our families on the road with us some this summer, which has provided a lot of stress relief. We've got lots of news for this update so let me get you up to speed.

TOURING We want to officially announce a couple tours that we're privileged to go out with this fall. The first tour we will be heading out on is with our good friend Francesca Battistelli. Get your tickets now because this is gonna be an awesome event! Also, we are super stoked to be joining artists like Toby Mac, Red, Chris August, and Jamie Grace on the West leg of the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular. We'll see all you West-Coasters on the road real soon. There are some other tours in the works and we'll get that info to you as soon as we are given the green light... Get all the tour dates HERE.

ROAD LIFE/PRAYER We mentioned our bus "Bubba" and with Bubba comes a lot of responsibility. The past year we have been in search for a bus driver who shared our passion for loving and serving people. Just recently we brought on a great guy, Mike B, to drive us around the country. Mike B has gone out of this way to take care of us, which is why we wanted to write you with a prayer request. Mike B is going in for surgery to remove a spot on his prostate early in September. If you wouldn't mind adding him to your prayer lists, we would appreciate it. The doctors have said that Mike B's outlook is great but surgery is always tough. Thanks in advance for loving on him.

In other news, a lot of you are aware that I am an avid runner. Typically I run about 4 miles a day. My left knee has been feeling a little unstable for a while and I decided to see a doctor and see what was up. As it turns out- my ACL has been torn for a good bit of time, which will require me to have surgery. I have decided that sooner is better for the surgery and I am scheduled to go in on September 18th to have my ACL repaired. The decision to take care of surgery now means that I am having to miss some time on the road (really tough for me). I am going to be missing most of the Franny tour but hopefully should be able to be on stage in 4-6 weeks. Our trusted merch guy Ryan will be filling in while I am out. Make sure to shower him with lots of Sour Patch kids while I am gone. I am anxious to get through surgery and on the road to recovery so I can get out running again and enjoy this beautiful Earth. Thanks for your prayers!

LIVE LIKE THAT One more thing before this update comes to a close. We wanted to thank all of you who have written us about the song "Live Like That" art is truly one of the best forms of communication and we're so pleased that the songs we have been given are being used to inspire, comfort, and encourage people. We'd love for you to check out our new album Live Like That - Head over to iTunes and download a copy or pick one up in your local music store. Thanks for reading. We'll see you on the road.

Blessings, Ben @swpbenjamin