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  • We are kicking off the K-LOVE Fan Weekend this Friday, May 29th! We'll be performing at the weekend kickoff concert as well as the Fan Awards on Sunday, both at the Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee! The K-LOVE weekend is packed with lots of great events including songwriter showcases, worship services, and our favorite... FAN ZONE! Meet up with us on Saturday as we've got some great surprises planned! See you there!

    K-LOVE Weekend Schedule:


  • We told you something different was coming... and here it is! has a new look! This is just one of many new creations we are proud of alongside our new album, 'Something Different'. Be sure to visit the section on with the same title to hear more!

    Of course, we want to hear your thoughts on the new! Take a look around and use #SomethingDifferent on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to share what you've found on our new digital playground!