Prodigal Tour...Thank You!

May 3 | Posted by: Sidewalk Prophets

The bus just rolled in safely this morning after a great spring run. It has been an amazing and crazy ride putting together the #ProdigalTour -This tour was a giant leap of faith for Sidewalk Prophets as we traveled across the country and offered the tour for no honorarium to our hosts. We went to small venues, we went to large venues and most important of all we went where the Lord directed us. From East Coast, to West Coast night after night we made new friends, we laughed, we cried, and we learned.

Over the course of this tour we played in front of nearly 30,000 people in front of a ton of capacity crowds, and collected/prayed over nearly 13,000 names of the lost. Our team delivered an A-level, imaginative show, and opened the doors for all who would care to enter.

Thank you to Shannon Teter Hines, Shannon Bright, Quinton Kelley, Choe Hayes, Matt Hadley, Allyson Sutton, and Cal Joslin for helping put together one fantastic tour. From selling tickets, setting up websites, creating promotional material, writing and shooting a film, to educating hosts with little experience on promoting, to setting up venue logistics and putting in long hours to serve our band and crew - you made everyone feel loved and part of the SWP family.

Thanks to Elizabeth Cardella, Christian Williams, Katie Trent, Ariel Hanna, Carmen Justice Hadley, Jake Hartsfield, Austin Woodward, John W. Hedgecoth, Holly Bishop Mays (and Nicholas) Lynndey Reid (and family), for all the help in setting up and shooting the film.

Thanks to Jeff Roberts & Associates for being willing to go above and beyond to help book in a tour that fell outside of traditional touring models.

Thanks Brian Smith, and Stephen Smith for helping keep the tour moving forward and taking care of our team.

Thanks to Josh Phiffer, and Chrissy Marie and Riot Merchandising for providing us with great service and killer merchandise.

Thanks to John Clore, Spencer Nohe, and Josh Bailey for coming out to see the tour and imparting your wisdom on the experience. It means a lot to have you show up!

Props to our crew: Quinton Kelley, Scott Gill, Lauren Gill, Diego Brawn, Aaron Hohn, David Evans, Jaytrick Carlos, Mike Marcario and Justin Wales - We've never seen a group of people work so hard, love so well and cram in to a bus without wanting to strangle each other. It was an honor to serve with each of you!

Thank you to our band guys: David Douglas Frey, Cal Joslin, Dan Macal, Sam Ridgell, Blake Bratton (as well as Jeremy Mayfield, Mikey Biddle, Caleb Blair, Sean McDonald, and Justin Nace) for playing your hearts out and delivering great performance after great performance!

Thanks to Bob Watson and James DeLuca for getting our band, crew, and production safely across the country and for sharing our heart for serving others. You're a great drivers and even better men.

Thank you to World Vision USA, and Anderson University for your partnership in the tour. You helped to make this one unforgettable experience!

Thank you to all our venue hosts for allowing us to come in to your cities and towns.

We couldn't be more proud of what we've accomplished together and as we move in to a new season of touring and some of us continue on in to new journeys in life...We are blessed and honored to have had your help in making the vision of this tour come to life.

Til Next Time,

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